Loans Denominated in Swiss Francs

Years ago, Polish banks offered to Polish consumers mortgage loans denominated in Swiss Francs. Later on, due to the appreciation of the Swiss Franc many consumers became disappointed with the terms of these mortgage loans. Several of them brought claims to the court claiming the invalidity of the mortgage loan agreements or invalidity of some of the clauses in the mortgage loan agreements. Some cases were brought to the attention of the European Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Poland. Currently, there are many cases pending in the courts between the borrowers and Polish Banks.

Our Firm is experienced in such matters. All together we handle several hundred of such cases, including but not limited to representing banks in cases brought by the borrowers, representing banks in cases brought against the borrowers for reimbursement of the capital and for remuneration for non-contractual use of the capital delivered by banks. Also we handle mediations between banks and creditors as well as negotiating settlement agreements.

Our team consists of more than ten lawyers who have strong experience in matters related to the mortgage loans in foreign currencies.

To avoid any conflict of interest, we do not accept representation of borrowers against banks in any matters concerning loans denominated in Swiss Francs or any other currencies.

Our Top Specialists:

Anna Krysiak

Jakub Żelazek

Marcin Piątkowski