Investor as a Consumer

Under this title, Parkiet of Jan. 7, 2022 published an article by Dr Joanna Róg Dyrda and Marek Wierzbowski concerning more frequent application of the rules concerning protection of consumers to investors investing on capital markets...

Stanisław Radowicki co-authored a scientific article in Medical Science Pulse

Stanisław Radowicki, as an expert in the field of medical law, published an interdisciplinary scientific article...

Railroads safety

During International Railway Fair TRAKO in Gdansk, Polish Office of Rail Transport organised a seminar on the “State of the Rail Safety”.

Swiss franc loans

European Financial Congress organised a panel discussion devoted mostly to the Swiss franc credits

New felieton in Parkiet

Parkiet published felieton written by dr Joanna Róg Dyrda i Marek Wierzbowski devoted to liability of managing boards...

Annual conference devoted to opencast mining

Joanna Rewkowska and Marek Wierzbowski were speakers on the major annual conference devoted to opencast mining.

Introduction of REIT

Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland established Interministerial Group to Work out New Regulation of REIT.

Conference on Railroads Security

As a celebration of European Year of Rail , president of the Office of Rail Transport of Republic of Poland organized a conference with Professor Wierzbowski as one of the speakers.

The success of Prof. Marek Wierzbowski and Mec. Stanisław Radowicki in the case before the Polish Accreditation Committee

Lawyers of the Law Firm - Prof. Marek Wierzbowski and Mec. Stanisław Radowicki - successfully represented our client (private university) in the proceedings before the Polish Accreditation Committee.

Inaugural lecture by Att. Stanisław Radowicki

Attorney Stanisław Radowicki, as an expert in medical and pharmaceutical law, was invited to deliver the inaugural lecture opening the work of the Student Scientific Club for Transplantology...