Public procurement

The firm provides comprehensive legal services to contracting authorities and contractors in proceedings associated with public procurement, both in the classic and sector regimes, as well as in the field of defense and security contracts. We also advise on the implementation of investments in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) formula and concessions for construction works and services. We have experience in providing legal assistance to both contractors and contracting authorities.
In particular, we provide:

The experience of the firm’s employees in the field of public procurement law relates in particular to the IT industry (tenders for the implementation and maintenance of IT systems), the construction industry, the transport sector, the energy sector, the railway sector, the implementation of forestry services and ongoing support of investment tasks of local government entities. We also provide legal advice about public contracts awarded in connection with the implementation of projects co-financed from European Union funds, including in proceedings conducted in the so-called Competitiveness Base.

Leader of Public Procurement Law Practice, attorney-at-law dr hab. Paweł Nowicki, Professor of EU Law and Public Procurement Law, is a member of the Public Procurement Council and a long-term expert of the European Commission in this area, author of over 70 publications in the field of public procurement law, PPP and concessions for services and construction works. He participated in the process of creating EU directives of 2014 in the field of public procurement, as well as the new Public Procurement Law, which will enter into force on January 1st, 2021. He has extensive procedural experience in proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeals and common courts in the field of public procurement and as one of the few experts in Poland, he has experience in representing clients in tenders conducted in the other Member States of the European Union (e.g., in Belgium, Estonia, Italy and the Czech Republic).

For many years a member of the Public Procurement Council was also prof. dr hab. Marek Wierzbowski.

In addition, the firm provides legal advisory services to the contracting authorities and contractors in all matters and disputes related to the performance of public procurement contracts, in particular the possibility of modifying such contracts, calculating contractual penalties, and contract terminations.

We provide legal assistance in all control proceedings related to public contracts awarded, including in particular those carried out by the President of the Public Procurement Office, Regional Accounting Chambers, Supreme Audit Office and Managing Authorities in the system of implementation of operational programs and regional operational programs.

We draw up specialist legal opinions on the interpretation of Polish and EU regulations in the field of public procurement, in particular regarding the obligation to apply the public procurement regime, in-house procurement, relations of competition law and public procurement law, obligations under the GDPR in public procurement, public-public cooperation, compliance practices and public procurement, and the implementation of supply chain management methodologies. Not only will we ensure compliance of public procurement with the law, but we will optimize the purchasing process in accordance with the Best Value for Money principle.

We help in the professionalization of staff responsible for public procurement, conducting training on public procurement law at various levels. Responsible for training is dr hab. Paweł Nowicki, one of the most recognizable public procurement trainers in Poland. He has trained thousands of people, including employees of the General Directorate for National Roads and Highways, Ministry of the Interior and Administration, State Forests, Treasury Control Offices, Ministry of Finance, Marshal Offices, many local government agencies and contractors. He regularly delivers lectures on public procurement law and PPP abroad, including Italy (Rome, Milan), the United Kingdom (Cardiff), Hungary (Budapest), Belgium (Brussels). If you want to prepare well for the new Public Procurement Law – let us help you.