Credits Denominated in Swiss Francs

Years ago, Polish banks offered to Polish consumers loans denominated in Swiss Francs. Later on, due to the appreciation of the Swiss Franc many consumers became disappointed with the terms of the loans. Several brought claims to the court claiming the invalidity of the loan agreements or invalidity of some of the clauses inthe loan agreements. Some cases were brought to the attention of Europenan Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Poland. Currently there are many cases pending in the courts between individuals and Polish Banks.

Our Firm is experienced in disputes such as these. Besides our litigation experience, we have been asked to evaluate the various perspectives of such disputes by different organizations, including the European Financial Congress, major banks and some consumers. These matters l are handled by our attorneys: Anna Krysiak (Partner), Mariusz Rypina (Associate Partner) Mateusz Olewiński and Jakub Żelazek.