Airlines, airports and aviation law

Prof. Wierzbowski & Partners provides legal services for airlines, airports, air navigation agencies and other companies active in the aviation sector.

As part of these services, we provide legal assistance in the various aspects of project financing from EU funds, also in the context of durability of operations in the meaning of the Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 December 2013. We prepare legal opinions and analysis regarding State aid to airports and airlines.

We support clients in application of aviation law regarding cooperation between airports. We assist with domestic and international projects for air navigation agencies and prepare analyses and opinions regarding intellectual property rights, also with regard to air traffic management software. We help in setting the rules of cooperation between airports and carriers.

We support clients in the field of labour law, including collective labour agreements, regulations governing members of aircrew working hours (flight attendants and cabin crew) and relations with trade unions.

In cooperation with the external providers we prepare complex financial and technical analyses related to air operations, evaluation of risk and business and share valuations.

In the recent years, the team leader, Attorney-at-Law, P. Kamil Rosiak has worked with an airline, air navigation agency and two regional airports, for which he prepared, among others, an analysis of the possibility of advanced cooperation between airports in the aspect of regulations on EU funds, competition law and aviation law; an analysis of the airport’s situation in the context of allegations of receiving incompatible State aid; an analysis of the possibility of entering into an agreement with a new air carrier and a project for a marketing agreement with that carrier; and an analysis on the possibility of renegotiating the contract with the carrier, with consideration of regulations on airport fees and limitations on flight operations. He also worked on projects concerning the preparation of airport documentation and requirements for the opening of a new airport in Poland.